Professional Development

Haotian Yang


My journey in Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) program at UGA began as a Research Master student. I first joined the LDT program to develop my knowledge about improving the learning experience by technological tools. During the time in the Research Masters route and the first year of my Ph.D. study, I began to build my knowledge in the LDT field, from instructional design, project assessment, the theory of human learning to the quantitative and qualitative research methods. This knowledge helped me find answers to many questions I had before and led me to new directions and areas.

From my personal learning experience in the past and the new knowledge I obtained through my study in the LDT program, my current research interests are focused on using innovative tools to enhance the accessibility of learning, especially motivational accessibility. I want to investigate how to make learning resources more accessible also allow learners to enjoy learning. My short-term goals include:

  • • Build a comprehensive theoretical foundation in the field of Learning, Design, and Technology

  • • Obtain advanced skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods and be able to conduct mixed-method research.

  • • Collaborate and engage in research projects with my peers and faculty members.

  • • Improve my verbal and written skills.

Assistant Work

During the fall semester, I worked with Dr. Choi for the EDIT 6190 course. My responsible include:

  • • Create a course schedule and a detailed course plan

  • • Grade assignments

  • • Offer several Adobe Photoshop and Articulate Storyline workshops on Zoom.

I plan to take GRSC 7770 next semester to prepare to teach undergraduate courses in the LDT department.


Serve as Treasurer in the 2020-2021 Career and Information Studies Graduate Association (CISGA) Executive Board.